Common law crime    

Reference received: ​27 September 1991

Discussion paper

Discussion Paper 36: Barratry, Maintenance and Champerty, May 1994

Judicial citation: Magic Menu Systems Pty Ltd v AFA Facillitation Pty Ltd (1997) 72 FCR 261 per Lockhart, Cooper, Kiefel JJ; Re Daniel Efrat Consulting Services Pty Ltd(1999) 91 FCR 154 at para 19; Smits v Roach(2002) 55 NSWLR 166; Marston v Statewide Independent Wholesalers Ltd[2003] NSWSC 816 at para 47; Idoport Pty Ltd v National Australia Bank Ltd [2004] NSWSC 695 at para 52, 91; Capital Webworks Pty Ltd v Ltd [2005] FCA 438 at para 38; Capital Webworks Pty Ltd v Ltd [2005] FCAFC 232 at para 25; Fostif Pty Ltd v Campbells Cash and Carry Pty Ltd (2005) 63 NSWLR 203 (CA) at para 91; Campbells Cashand Carry Pty Ltd v Fostif Pty Ltd (2006) 80 ALJR 1441​

Legislative action: Maintenance and Champerty Abolition Act 1993; Legal Profession Amendment Act 1996 Sch 6.2 

Note: The Maintenance and Champerty Abolition Act 1993 was renamed theMaintenance, Champerty and Barratry Abolition Act 1993by Sch. 6.2 of the Legal Profession Amendment Act 1996 which was proclaimed on 1 April 1997.

Terms of reference

To inquire into and report on the following matters:

  1. non-statutory criminal offences (purely common law offences);

  2. the common law of conspiracy, especially procedural and evidentiary aspects;

  3. the common law of complicity;

  4. the common law of attempt; and

  5. any related matters.

In undertaking this work, the Commission is to give priority to items 1 and 2. The Commission is also to be mindful of the work being undertaken by the Standing Committee of Attorneys General supporting development of a uniform criminal code so as to avoid unnecessary duplication.

Note: See also Reference 119 Complicity in criminal cases