The Rule in Pigot's Case    

Reference received: ​8 December 1998


Report 97: The Rule in Pigot's Case [PDF, 289Kb], January 2001

Tabled in parliament: 11 April 2001

Media Release NSW Law Reform Commission - The Rule in Pigot's Case (3 April 2001)

Legislative action: Conveyancin​g Amendment (Rule in Pig ot's Case) Act 2001​​

Judicial citation: Northern Bank Ltd v Laverty (Northern Ireland, High Court, Girvan J, 1 June 2001, unreported); Helkeast Pty Ltd v Metro Properties (ACT) Pty Ltd [2006] ACTSC 12 at para 45

Terms of reference

To review the Rule in Pigot's case to determine whether the rule should be abolished or restated in a more restricted way.