​Our approach to consultation for the review of guardianship laws

A series of consultation packages

Guardianship law is broad and complex. Some people have experience with a particular area of guardianship law but not with other areas. With this in mind, rather than publishing a single, longer consultation paper, we will be releasing a series of consultation packages. Each consultation package will contain:

  • one or more Question Paper
  • an Easy English copy of each Question Paper
  • an easy-to-answer survey, and
  • videos that will be available on YouTube

You can use each Question Paper or the video to guide  your submissions. You can also complete our easy-to-answer surveys to share your views, instead of or in addition to making a formal submission.  

​The Question Papers

The question papers will be on the following topics:

  1. Background Paper: An overview of guardianship law in NSW
  2. Question Paper 1: Conditions for alternative decision-making arrangements
  3. Question Paper 2: Decision-making models
  4. Question Paper 3: Supporters and decision-makers: appointment, powers, responsibilities and accountability (including, under current arrangements, enduring guardians, guardianship orders, persons responsible, financial managers and informal decision-making arrangements)
  5. Question Paper 4: NCAT and key agencies (including the operation of the Guardianship Division of the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal, the NSW Public Guardian, the NSW Trustee and Guardian, and the case for a Public Advocate)
  6. Question Paper 5: Medical and dental treatment and restrictive practices
  7. Question Paper 6: Other issues, including:
  • Interaction with other laws. For example:
    • NSW power of attorney, trustee and guardian, mental health and criminal laws,
    • Commonwealth aged care legislation and the National Disability Insurance Scheme, and
    • The recognition of interstate and overseas equivalent orders.
  • Language of the Act
  • The age at which people come under the Act's jurisdiction
  • Any other topics not covered elsewhere

       8. ​Final report​: containing our findings and recommendations