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Have your say: Safeguards and Procedures

Are you thinking about contributing to our review of guardianship laws in NSW? We have made an easy-to-understand poster​ which shows how you can make a submission.

​Question Paper​ 4

​On 28 February 2017 we released Question Paper 4: Safeguards and Procedures. This Question Paper considers the safeguards and procedures that should exist in a guardianship system. ​

We seek your views about these issues. Submissions close on Friday 12 May 2017.

The Question Paper is also available in Easy Read - an accessible format that uses simple, everyday language and illustrations​. ​​

PDF DocumentQuestion P​aper 4: Safeguards and procedures [PDF,​ 963Kb]
Microsoft Word document​Question Paper 4: Safeguards and procedures [Word, 234Kb]​​
Easy Read document ​​Easy Read Question Paper 4: Safeguards and procedures ​[PDF, 3.99Mb ]​​
Easy Read document Easy Read ​Question Paper 4: Safeguards and procedures [Word, 55Kb]


Easy-to-answer survey​

As part of the consultation process are releasing a series of easy-to-answer surveys that can be completed instead of making a formal submission. ​

The survey is a way to express your opinions about guardianship arrangements in NSW without making a formal submission. We will use the information gathered from the surveys to inform future publications including the Final Report. Even if you only have one or two points about how the law has affected you, we still want to hear them.​​​​​