About th​e Internship Program​

​Interns work as volunteers, ideally on a full-time basis for at least four weeks. The Commission does not provide any remuneration or financial assistance to interns.

An internship at the Commission provides an opportunity to work closely with the Commissioners and law reform staff and contribute directly to the development of proposals for law reform. Depending on the reference this could mean undertaking research, contributing to drafting consultation documents, assisting with consultation processes, or helping draft reports. The Commission credits the contribution of interns in its published papers.

The Commission seeks to provide a stimulating environment and a varied experience for interns.

Information about the Commission's work is available in Current projects.

Some conditions

Applicants should note that the Commission is unable to offer practical work experience required for professional admission as a solicitor or barrister, such as is required by students attending the College of Law. We cannot provide the appropriate supervision.

We are also unable to provide workers' compensation insurance for interns.​

Any questions?

If you have questions you can email or call Erin Gough on (02) 8346 1263 or Erin.Gough@justice.nsw.gov.au.​​