Discussion papers

These Law Reform Commission publications are part of a collection dating back to 1966. Each publication deals with the law at the time it was first published and may not necessarily represent the current law. For advice concerning the current law please consult your legal practitioner.   

DP47 Review of the Uniform Evidence Acts (2005)

DP46 Blind or Deaf Jurors (2004)

DP45 Apprehended Violence Orders: Part 15A of the Crimes Act (2002)

DP44 Review of the Property (Relationships) Act 1984 (NSW) and Executive Summary (2002)

DP43 Contempt by Publication and Summary (2000)

DP42 Uniform Succession Laws: Administration of Estates of Deceased Persons (1999)

DP41 The Right to Silence (1998)

DP40 Set-Off​ (1998)

DP39 Review of Section 316 of the Crimes Act 1900 (NSW) (1997)

DP38 Contribution Between Persons Liable for the Same Dam​age​ (1997)

DP37 Directed Verdicts of Acquittal (1995)

DP36 ​Barratry, ​Maintenance and Champerty (1994)

DP35 People with an Intellectual Disability and the Criminal Justice System: Courts and Sentencing (1994)

DP34 Review of the Adoption of Children Act 1965 (NSW)​​ (1994)

DP33 Sentencing (1996)

DP32 ​Defama​tion (1993)

DP31 Provocation, Diminished Responsibility and Infanticide (1993)


​Review of the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 (NSW)​



​People with an Intellectual Disability and the Criminal Just​​ice System: Policing Issues


​DP28Personal Property Securities​1992


​The Right to ​Support by Adjoining Land​


​DP26Scrutiny of the Legal Profession​1992


​Community Law Reform Program: Provisional Damages​




​Community Law Reform Program: Unilateral Severance of a Joint​ Tenancy​


​DP22Community Law Reform Program: Neighbour and Neighbour Relations​1991


​Alternative Dispute Res​olution: Training and Accreditation of Mediators​


​DP20Wills For Persons Lacking Will-Making Capacity​1989


​Torrens Title: Compensa​tion for Loss​


​DP18Artificial Conception: Surrogate Motherhood​1988
​DP17Registration and Certification of Births and Deaths​1987


​Criminal Procedure: Police Powers of Arrest and Detention 

Part 1 [PDF, 1Mb]

Part 2 [PDF, 978Kb]


DP15Artificial Conception: In Vitro Fertilization​1987


​Crimin​al Procedure: Procedure from Charge to Trial - Specific Problems and Proposals


​DP13Criminal Procedure: Procedure from Charge to Trial - A General Proposal for Reform​1986


​Criminal Procedure: The J​ury in a Criminal Trial​


​DP11Artificial Conception: Human Artificial Insemination​1984


​Unincorp​orated Associations: Incorporation By Registration​


​DP09Unsworn Statements of Accused Persons​1980


​Oaths and Affirma​tions​


​DP07Competence and Compellability​1980
​DP06The Legal Profession: Solicitors' Trust Accounts and the Solicitors' Fidelity Fund​1981
​DP05The Legal Profession: Advertising and Specialisation​1981


​The Legal Profession: Structure of the Profession (and Outline)​​

​DP03The Legal Profession: Professional Indemnity Insurance (and Outline)​1979


​The Legal Profession: Complaints, Discipline and Professional Sta​ndards (and Outline)​



​The Le​​gal Profession: General Regulation (and Outline)​