Topics for students


The following links give some guidance on topics that students have recently asked us about. You can also find more information about legal topics that are suitable for school assignments from the Legal Information Access Centre (LIAC).

Privacy Privacy is a rapidly changing and controversial area of legal policy. [More...]

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are the original inhabitants of Australia and have endured a history of dispossession and inappropriate treatment by the legal system. In many cases this requires a legal and policy response that is different to that which needs to be adopted for immigrant cultural, ethnic and other interest groups. The Law Reform Commission has considered the special needs of Indigenous people in a number of its reviews. [More...]

Juries are an important part of our justice system and serving on a jury is seen as an important duty of citizenship. This importance is reflected in the fact that the Law Reform Commission has looked into aspects of the law relating to juries many times. [More...]

Criminal law covers a very wide range of activities and the Law Reform Commission has conducted numerous reviews of aspects of the criminal law over the years. [More...]

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