Criminal law

The criminal law of New South Wales covers a very wide range of activities and the Law Reform Commission has conducted numerous reviews of aspects of the criminal law over the years.

Some of the most recent reviews of aspects of the criminal law include reviews of:

You can find a review of the Law Reform Commission's work in the area of criminal law given to the International Society for the Reform of Criminal Law in 2001, Law Reform Commissions: Is there a place for the principled study of criminal law issues?

You can find links to overviews of all of the Commission's projects on the criminal law in the criminal law and proceduresubject listing in the Commission's completed projects.

You can also find information about reforming the criminal law at the website of the Criminal Law Review Divisionof the NSW Attorney General's Department.

The main source of criminal law in New South Wales, the Crimes Act 1900 (NSW), may be found on the NSW Legislation website.