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​How to ​​​suggest areas of the law which may need reform

We invite you to contact us and make suggestions about laws that you think need to be changed. For example, if you think that there is an area of the law that is creating hardship within the community or there are laws which need to be simplified or modernised. The contact us page provides ways in which you can contact us to make your suggestions.

You don't have to wait for us or the Attorney General to come up with an idea for law reform. Community groups, people working with the law, and members of the public who have experienced the law are often best placed to suggest areas which need law reform.

If you have identified a law that needs reform, we can:

  • research the law and make recommendations to the government if the reform involves minor changes, or
  • suggest to the Attorney General that they refer the matter to us to research and consult the community.

We generally do not consider suggestions that are:

  • too complex for our available resources
  • already being reviewed by the Department of Communities and Justice or some other government department or agency
  • likely to involve contentious policy issues, or a range of economic, social or other matters outside the range of law reform, and
  • otherwise unsuitable; for example, where the matter falls within an area of Commonwealth responsibility.