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Publications for sale: ordering copies of reports

The following reports may be obtained in their original printed form from the Commission. Click here for information on how to order.

No.YearPrice Report
​143​(2016)​$15.40​Third party claims on insurance money
141(2014)$53.90Encouraging appropriate early guilty pleas
140 (2014)$37.40 Criminal appeals
139 (2013)$71.50 Sentencing
139(A) (2013)$27.50 Sentencing (Statistical Companion)
138 (2013)$71.50 People with cognitive and mental health impairments and the criminal justice system: criminal responsibility and consequences
137 (2013)$33.00 Security for costs and associated cost orders
136 (2013)$33.00 Jury directions in criminal trials
135(2012)$71.50 People with cognitive and mental health impairments in the criminal justice system - Diversion
134(2012)$15.40Sentencing - Interim report on standard minimum non-parole periods
133(2012)$53.90 Bail
132(2012)$62.70 Penalty notices
131(2011)$15.40Compensation to relatives
130(2011)$33.00 Cheating at gambling
129(2010)$33.00 Complicity