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​What ​we do​​

The NSW Law Reform Commission provides legal policy advice to Government on issues that are referred to us by the Attorney General (called "references"). We prepare reports which comprehensively analyse the issues identified in the reference, and make recommendations to Government for legislative reform. 

When reviewing areas of the law we seek to:

  • improve and ​​​​modernise the law
  • simplify and consolidate the law
  • remove inefficiencies and defects in the law​
  • repeal laws that are unnecessary and obsolete, and
  • ​provide improved access to justice

Law reform is a collaborative process. To identify key issues with the law and areas for reform in a project, the Commission conducts intensive research including academic literature reviews and empirical research where required. We engage with stakeholders, and legal and industry experts through consultations, and discuss ideas for reform in consultation papers or question papers, which are available to stakeholders and the public to comment on through our website. Anyone can make a submission to the Commission on a reference.​

A project is completed when a final report is tabled in Parliament and made public on our website. ​​