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Arbitration of civil disputes                

Reference received: 9 September 1971 


Report 27: Commercial Arbitration [PDF, 13.5Mb], September 1976

Tabled in parliament: 13 October 1976

Legislative action: Commercial Arbitration Act 1984Administration of Justice (Commercial Arbitration) Amendment Act 1984District Court (Commercial Arbitration) Amendment Act 1984; Foreign Judgments (Reciprocal Enforcement) (Commercial Arbitration) Amendment Act 1984; Legal Practitioners (Commercial Arbitration) Amendment Act 1984; Oaths (Commercial Arbitration) Amendment Act 1984Supreme Court (Commercial Arbitration) Amendment Act 1984​Miscellaneous Acts (Commercial Arbitration) Amendment Act 1984     

Judicial citation: Abignano Ltd v Electricity Commission (NSW)(1986) 3 BCL 290 at 296 (1); Warley Pty Ltd v Adco Constructions Pty Ltd (1988) 8 BCL 300; Muirfield Properties Pty Ltd v Hansen and Yuncken Pty Ltd [1987] VR 615; Cockatoo Dockyard Pty Ltd v Commonwealth of Australia (NSW Supreme Court, No 50256/95, Bainton J, 29 May 1996, unreported) 7, 20, 47 and 53​; Island Industries Pty Ltd v Administrator of Norfolk Island [2004] FCAFC 49 [105]Gordian Runoff Ltd v Westport Insurance Corporation [2010] NSWCA 57 [135]-[147]    

Working paper

​Working Paper 11: Commercial arbitration, 1973

Terms of reference

To review the law relating to the arbitration of civil disputes and incidental matters. ​