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Claims for personal injury 

Original reference received: 11 March 1966

Substituted reference received: 6 September 1966 

Note: This reference was subsumed within the Accident Compensation reference, details of which are noted under Reference 41: Accident compensation

Judicial citation

Dominish v Astill [1979] 2 NSWLR 368 at 389; State Rail Authority of NSW v Hammond (1988) 15 NSWLR 345; Row v Willtrac Pty Ltd [1999] QSC 359 at para 33; De Sales v Ingrilli [2002] HCA 52 at para182

Working paper

Working Paper 2: Deferred Assessment of Damages for Personal Injuries, July 1969

Terms of reference

To review the law and procedures in relation to claims in tort for personal injuries and to consider the problems which arise where the plaintiff or the defendant, or both, are covered by liability insurance policies, and to review the retention of the fault rule in such cases.