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Covenants in restraint of trade                

Reference received: ​27 February 1969 


Report 9: Covenants in Restraint of Trade [PDF, 73Kb], June 1970

Tabled in parliament: 6 August 1970

Legislative action: Restraints o​f Trade Act 1976

Judicial citation: Orton v Melman [1981] 1 NSWLR 583 at 586; Greenhalgh v Composite Buyers Ltd (1995) ATPR (Digest) 46-148; K A & C Smith Pty Ltd v Ward (1998) 45 NSWLR 702; Ross v IceTV Ltd [2010] NSWCA 272 [89]  

​​Terms of referen​ce

​To review the law relating to the validity and enforcement of covenants in restraint of trade.