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Occupier's liability

Reference received: 9 June 1967 

Note: This reference was the subject of a memorandum from the Commission to the Attorney General in 1986 suggesting that the reference, previously classified as a "standing reference", should be regarded as having been completed, since developments in the common law had overtaken the need for further inquiry by the Commission.​

Judicial citation: Calvert v Stollznow [1982] 1 NSWLR 175 at 181; Gorman v Williams (1985) 2 NSWLR 662 at 669; Ewart v Scott [1986] Aust TortsR 80-009

Working paper

Working Paper 3: Occupier's Liability, July 1969

Terms of reference

To review the law relating to the rights and liabilities of occupiers of land and incidental matters.