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Reference received: 22 March 1973

Judicial citation: Thomas v SMP (International) Pty Ltd [2010] NSWSC 822 [27]​

​Working papers

Working Paper 14: Procedure (Common Law Pleadings [and] Scott Schedules), 1975

Working Paper 15: Enforcement of Money Judgments, 1975

Working Paper 18: Administration Bonds, 1978

Consultant's papers

Studies in Comparative Civil and Criminal Procedure: Volume 1 - Court Procedure in the United Kingdom, United States, South Africa and New Zealand, 1978

Studies in Comparative Civil and Criminal Procedure: Volume 2 - Innovations in Civil and Criminal Procedure, 1978

Terms of reference

To review the procedures used and remedies available in the civil and criminal courts, including the enforcement of judgments and orders; in doing so, to have regard for the functions of the Rule Committee of the Supreme Court, other rule making authorities, and of the Criminal Law Committee; and to consider what reforms should be made for the more convenient cheap and efficient disposal of legal matters which now come or might be brought before the courts.

Note: See also Reference 96 - Interlocutory procedures discovery and interrogatories