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Statute law revision 

Reference received: ​11 March 1966

Note: The reference was subsequently withdrawn from the Commission.


Report 10: First Report on Statute Law Revision [PDF, 101Kb], December 1970

Tabled in parliament: 20 April 1971

Legislative action: Statute Law Revision Act 1976 

Judicial citation: M v M [1981] 2 NSWLR 334 at 338; Protective Commissioner v D(2004) 60 NSWLR 513 (CA) at para 89

Working paper

Working Paper 7: The Mental Health Act 1958, July 1971

Terms of reference

Following the complete review of the Imperial Acts in force in this State to consider and review all local Acts with a view to their re-enactment where necessary in modern form, retaining the existing spirit and intendment of such Acts, but the Commission to be free to make specific inquiry of the Attorney General on any aspect arising in the course of its review for determination of policy.

Note: See also Reference No 31 - Persons under disability and the management of their affairs