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The Courts

Reference received: 17 July 1974 

​Working paper

Working Paper 17: The courts, 1976

Terms of reference

  1. To review and report upon the principles in accordance with which the Supreme Court Act, 1970, including the Fourth Schedule, should be amended, if amendment appears necessary or desirable, and the jurisdictions of the Supreme Court altered, having regard to the legislative provisions and jurisdictions appropriate for the District Court and Courts of Petty Sessions.
  2. Insofar as any of its recommendations under paragraph 1 may affect directly or indirectly the District Court and/or Courts of Petty Sessions, to review and report on the principles in accordance with which legislation dealing with these Courts and their respective jurisdictions should be altered, amended or reformed.
  3. To review and report on the principles in accordance with which judicial business now done by the Supreme Court, the District Court and Courts of Petty Sessions should be distributed between these Courts.

(These terms of reference are submitted to the Commission upon the understanding that the Commission acts in liaison with the Chief Justice, the Chief Judge of the District Court and their respective Executive Officers, the Chairman of the Bench of Stipendiary Magistrates, the Under Secretary of Justice, and the Chief Executive Officer of the Petty Sessions Branch, in order to ensure that existing and planned Court accommodation, administration and practicable considerations, and likely availability of judicial appointees are taken into account, so as to produce recommendations capable of practical application as a basis for legislative changes.)