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Co-operative law reform projects (standing reference)

Reference received: 15 October 1987

Note: This standing reference authorises the Commission to monitor and, subject to the approval of the Attorney General, co-operate in the projects of other law reform agencies. For details of specific co-operative projects see - Reference 66: Informed consent to medical treatment;Reference 69: Torrens title: compensation for loss;Reference 73: Personal property securities; and Reference 88: Uniform succession lawsReference 109: Review of the Evidence Act 1995

Terms of reference

I refer to the Law Reform Commission for continuing inquiry and report to me:

a) on the publication of Reports and Discussion Papers by other agencies and as to whether such Reports or Papers are of sufficient importance and relevance to warrant their formal examination by the Commission either alone or in conjunction with another Commission;

b) the suitability for New South Wales of reforms proposed in those Reports specified by me; and

c) any related matter.