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Interest on debts    

This reference is part of the Community Law Reform Program

Reference received: 28 July 1982


Report 35: Interest on Certain Debts [PDF, 143Kb], February 1983

Tabled in parliament: 30 March 1983 

Legislative action: Supreme Court (Interest) Amendment Act 1983District Court (Interest) Amendment Act 1983​; Courts of Petty Sessions (Civil Claims) (Interest) Amendment Act 1983 

Judicial citation: Sullivan v Waltons Credit Ltd [1990] ASC 56 023; SCI Operations Pty Ltd v Commonwealth (1996) 69 FCR 3 per Beaumont and Einfeld JJ; Australian Brain Foundation Ltd v Hyteco (NSW) Pty Ltd [2000] NSWCA 301 at para 33    ​

Terms of reference

Whether the courts of New South Wales or any one or more of them, should be empowered to award interest on debts where payment is made, whether in whole or in part, before judgment.

​Note: See also - Reference 108 Time limits on loans payable on demand