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Recording of court proceedings

This reference was part of the Community Law Reform Program

Reference received: ​16 October 1982


Report 39: Sound Recording of Proceedings of Courts and Commissions: The Media, Authors and Parties, March 1984

Tabled in parliament: 8 May 1984

Judicial citation: Stefanovski v Murphy [1996] 2 VR 442​

Issue paper

Issues Paper 4: Proceedings of Courts and Commissions - Television Filming, Sound Recording and Public Broadcasting, Sketches and Photographs, March 1984

​Terms of reference

To inquire into and report on the following matters: 

(1) whether tape recording or other recording of court proceedings the proceedings of Royal Commissions and the proceedings of Commissions of Inquiry under the Special Commissions of Inquiry Act, 1983 by -

  • representatives of publishers and broadcasters (including, representatives of the press and of radio and television broadcasters);

  • a person who is or intends to be the author of a book or article devoted entirely or in part to the proceedings;

  • the parties to legal proceedings, persons granted leave to appear before a Royal Commission or a Commission of Inquiry, and their legal representatives or anyone or more of them;

  • any other person.

should be permitted in New South Wales and if so on what conditions.

(2) Any related matter.