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Sale of goods                

Original reference received: 6 September 1966

Substitute reference received: ​13 September 1966​

Note: The remainder of this reference was withdrawn by the Attorney General at the request of the Commission on 28 April 1997 


Report 15: First Report on the Sale of Goods [PDF, 19Kb]. April 1972

Tabled in parliament: 17 August 1972

Legislative action: none recommended

Report 51: Second Report on the Sale of Goods [PDF, 264Kb], May 1987

Tabled in parliament: 12 May 1987

Legislative action: Sale of Goods (Amendment) Act 1988

​Working paper

Working Paper 13: The Sale of Goods: Warranties, Remedies, Frustration and Other Matters, 1975

Issues paper

​Issues Paper 5: Sale of Goods, March 1988

Terms of reference

To review the law relating to the sale of goods and to review the liability of manufacturers, sellers and other persons having a connection in the course of trade with goods to buyers users and other persons suffering damage through defects in goods; and to consider proposing uniform legislation on these subjects throughout the Commonwealth. The reference relating to the sale of goods does not include such special legislation as the Hire-Purchase Act, 1960, the Credit-sale Agreements Act, 1957, and the Lay-by Sales Act, 1943, except as to incidental matters. ​