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Contribution between persons liable for the same damage    

Reference received: ​12 August 1985 

This reference is part of the Community Law Reform Program


Report 65: Solidary Liability [PDF, 85Kb], July 1990

Tabled in parliament: 12 September 1990

Judicial citation: AWA Ltd v Daniels (1992) 7 ACSR 759 at 877

Report 89: Contribution Between Persons Liable for the Same Damage [PDF, 442Kb], March 1999

Tabled in parliament: 25 May 1999

NSW Law Reform Commission Media Release - Contribution Between Person Liable for the Same Damage (25 May 1999)

Judicial citation: Fatur v I C Formwork Services Pty Ltd (2000) 155 FLR 70 at para 48; Alexander v Perpetual Trustees WA Ltd(2004) 204 ALR 417 (HCA) at para 23

Discussion paper

​Discussion Paper 38: Contribution between Persons Liable for the Same Damage, September 1997

Legislative action: Workers Compensation Legislation Amendment (Dust Diseases and Other Matters) Act 1998 Sch 1 [5]​

Judicial citation: James Hardie & Co Pty Ltd v Seltsam Pty Ltd (1998) 196 CLR 53 at para 58; Queanbeyan Leagues Club Ltd v Poldune Pty Ltd (NSW SC, No 3418/96, Hamilton J, 17 December 1998, unreported)

Journal articles

A Rogers, "Fairness or joint and several liability" (2000) 8 Torts Law Journal 107; M J Tilbury, "Fairness indeed?: A reply to Andrew Rogers" (2000) 8 Torts Law Journal 113; Peter B Kutner, "A problem of contribution: should judgment for a defendant in an action for damages bar liability for contribution?" (2000) 29 Anglo-American Law Review 397

Terms of reference

To inquire into and report on:

  • the law governing rights of contribution between two or more persons responsible for the same damage; and
  • any incidental matter.