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Directed verdicts of acquittal  

Reference received: 17 March 1995


Report 77: Directed Verdicts of Acquittal [PDF, 56Kb], August 1996

Tabled in parliament: 31 October 1996

Discussion paper

​Discussion Paper 37: Directed Verdicts of Acquittal, June 1995 

Terms of reference

To inquire into and report on whether the Crown should have a right of appeal where there is a directed verdict of acquittal.

In conducting this review the Commission should have regard to:

(i) the incidence of directed verdicts of acquittal;

(ii) the double jeopardy rule and the rights of an accused person;

(iii) the impact of the administration of justice on public confidence in the judiciary of any proposals for reform; and

(iv) any related issues.