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Neighbour and neighbour relations    

Reference received: 23 December 1987

This reference is part of the Community Law Reform Program


​​Report 71: Right of Access to Neighbouring Land [PDF, 156Kb], April 1994

Tabled in parliament: 3 May 1994

Legislative action: ​Right of Access to Neighbouring Land, April 1994 [PDF, 156Kb]

Report 88: Neighbour and Neighbour Relations [PDF, 191Kb], November 1998

Tabled in parliament: 31 October 2000​

Legislative action: ​Trees (Disputes Between Neighbours) Act 2006​

Judicial citation: Lister v Hong [2006] NSWSC 1135, [18] Robson v Leischke; [2008] NSWLEC 152, [113]-[135], [173], [183], [191]-[193], [201]-[203], [208]​ ​

Discussion paper

​Discussion Paper 22: Neighbour and Neighbour Relations, April 1991

Judicial citation: Shannon v Shannon (NSW CA, No 40674/1991, 31 May 1991, unreported) per Kirby P, 21; Dobbie v Davidson (1991) 23 NSWLR 625, 636; Robson v Leischke [2008] NSWLEC 152, [109]-[113]

Terms of reference 

To inquire into and report on:

1. The laws which define and regulate relationships between people who live on neighbouring land with particular reference to:

(a) access to neighbouring land for the purposes of maintaining fixtures and services required by an adjoining property;

(b) easements for joint services, including joint connections for sewerage and drainage;

(c) problems caused by trees;

(d) noise control as it effects neighbours.

2. Any related matter.