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Partial defences to murder: provication, diminished responsibility and infanticide

Reference received: ​17 March 1993


Report 82: Partial Defences to Murder: Diminished Responsibility [PDF, 387Kb], May 1997

Tabled in parliament: 15 July 1997

Legislative action: ​Crimes Amendment (Diminished Responsibility) Act 1997

Judicial citation: Prosecutor v Delalic (United Nations, International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, IT-96-21-A, 20 February 2001) [454]R v Lavender (2005) 218 ALR 521 (HC) [89]; Clayton v The Queen [2006] HCA 58 [84]​​

Journal articles: John Dawson, "Diminished responsibility: The difference it makes" (2003) 11 Journal of Law and Medicine 103

Report 83: Partial Defences to Murder: Provocation and Infanticide [PDF, 480Kb], October 1997

Tabled in parliament: 27 November 1997

Judicial citation: Davis v The Queen (1998) 100 ACrimR 573; Heron v The Queen (2003) 197 ALR 81 (HCA) [24]; R v Yasso (2004) 10 VR 466 (CA) [43]​

Discussion paper

Discussion Paper 31: Provocation, Diminished Responsibility and Infanticide, August 1993 

Judicial citation: Sun-Rype Products Ltd v Archer Daniels Midland Company (Unreported, Ontario Superior Court of Justice, Herold J, 11 September 2008) [70]​​

Terms of reference

  1. To review the partial defences of infanticide, provocation and diminished responsibility under s 22A, 23 and 23A of the Crimes Act 1900 (NSW) respectively;
  2. To develop proposals for reform and clarification of the substantive elements of the defences.