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Unilateral severance of a joint tenancy    

Reference received: 14 November 1990 

This reference is part of the Community Law Reform Program


Report 73: Unilateral Severance of a Joint Tenancy [PDF, 235Kb], July 1994

Tabled in parliament: 14 November 1994

Legislative action: Real Property and Conveyancing Amendment Act 1997​​

Judicial citation: Peldan v Anderson [2006] HCA 48 [5]; Nicholson v Knaggs (No 3) [2009] VSC 328 [11]​​​

​​Discussion paper

​Discussion Paper 23: Unilateral Severance of a Joint Tenancy, September 1991

​​Journal articles

P Butt, "Unilateral severance of joint tenancies - proposed reforms in New South Wales and Queensland" (1992) Australian Law Journal 286 

Terms of reference

To inquire into and report upon:

(i) whether and in what respect the law relating to the unilateral severance of a joint tenancy should be altered; and

(ii) any related matter.