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Wills for persons lacking will-making capacity    


Reference received: ​23 December 1987​

This reference is part of the Community Law Reform Program


Report 68: Wills For Persons Lacking Will-making Capacity [PDF, 96Kb], February 1992

Tabled in parliament: 27 March 1992

Judicial citation: Perpetual Trustee Co Ltd v Fairlie Cunninghame (1993) 32 NSWLR 377; Re Fletcher; Ex parte Papaleo [2001] VSC 109 [13]; Re the Full Board of the Guardianship and Administration Board (2003) 27 WAR 475 (WASCA) [74]; Hoffmann v Waters (2007) 98 SASR 500 [27]; Re Fenwick[2009] NSWSC 530 [112]; Jeavons v Chapman (No 2) [2009] SASC 3 [30]; Re DH [2011] ACTSC 69 [6]; Estate of Scott [2014] NSWSC 465 [98], [99]​​

​Discussion paper

​Discussion Paper 20: Wills for Persons Lacking Will-making Capacity, August 1989 

Judicial citation: Perpetual Trustee Co Ltd v Fairlie Cunninghame (1993) 32 NSWLR 377; Re Fenwick [2009] NSWSC 530 [110]

Journal article

J Hockley, "Statutory wills in Australia: Wills for persons lacking capacity" (2006) 80 Australian Law Journal 68​

Terms of reference

To inquire into and report upon:

(a) whether power should be given to any person or body-

(i) to give effect to a will or disposition of a testamentary nature made by or on behalf of a person lacking testamentary capacity by reason of mental disability;

(ii) to make such a will or disposition on behalf of such a person;​

(b) any related matter.

Note: See Reference 88 Uniform succession laws