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Contempt by publication    

Reference received: 14 July 1998


Report 100: Contempt by Publication [PDF, 1Mb], June 2003

A summary of the Report was also published.

Tabled in parliament: 16 September 2003

Legislative action: Court Info​rmation Act 2010 

Judicial citation: Anderson v Hassett (No 2) [2007] NSWSC 1444, [13]​

Discussion paper

Discussion Paper 43: Contempt by Publication, July 2000
[A summaryof the Discussion Paper was also published] ​

Judicial citation: Hogan v Hinch [2011] HCA 4 [23]​​

​Terms of reference

To inquire into, and report on, whether the law and procedures relating to contempt by publication are adequate and appropriate, including whether and in what circumstances, a person against whom a charge of contempt is found proven should be liable to pay, in addition to any criminal penalty, the costs (of the government and of the parties) of a criminal trial aborted as a result of the contempt.