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Review of the law of set-off    

Reference received: ​26 September 1997  


Report 94: Set-off [PDF, 215Kb], February 2000

Tabled in parliament: 4 April 2000

Media Release NSW Law Reform Commission - Set-off (23 March 2000) 

Legislative action: Civil Procedu​re Act 2005 cl 21, Sch 5.29 [1] and Sch 6 cl 6​​

Discussion paper

Discussion Paper 40: Set-off, March 1998

Judical citation: Abignano v Wenkart (1998) 9 BPR 16,765

Terms of reference

  1. To review the current law relating to set-off with a view to determining whether any change is needed.
  2. In undertaking the review the Commission should have regard to the law relating to set-off that existed prior to the Imperial Acts Application Act 1969 and to judicial comment on the operation of the provisions in this Act relating to set-off.