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Complicity in criminal cases

Reference received: 3 July 2008


Report 129: Complicity [PDF, 1Mb], February 2011

​Consultation paper​

Consultation Paper 2: Complicity [PDF, 275Kb], January 2008

Terms of reference

Pursuant to section 10 of the Law Reform Commission Act 1967, the Law Reform Commission is to review the common law of complicity. In undertaking this inquiry, the Commission should have regard to:

  1. Arguments for and against codification of this area of the law;
  2. Developments in other Australian and international jurisdictions, including those of the Model Criminal Code;
  3. The desirability of a uniform legislative approach in Australia;
  4. Issues raised by the High Court and the Court of Criminal Appeal decisions in R v Taufehema; and
  5. Any other related matter.