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Jury directions in criminal trials 

Reference received: 16 February 2007


Report 136: Jury directions in criminal trials [PDF, 1Mb], November 2012

Tabled in parliament: 26 March 2013

Consultation paper ​​

Consultation 4: Jury directions​ [PDF, 999Kb], December 2008​​

Judicial citation: Blackwell v R [2011] NSWCCA 93 [90]

NSW LRC Media Release - Consultation paper on jury directions (12 December 2008)

Conference Paper​ (The trial under siege: towards making criminal trials simpler)​

Conference Paper (Summing up in criminal trials - a new direction?)

Terms of reference

In a letter to the Commission received on 16 February 2007, the Attorney General, the Hon R J Debus MP issued the following terms of reference:

Pursuant to section 10 of the Law Reform Commission Act 1967, the Law Reform Commission is to inquire into and report on directions and warnings given by a judge to a jury in a criminal trial.

In undertaking this inquiry the Commission should have regard to:

the increasing number and complexity of the directions, warnings and comments required to be given by a judge to a jury;

the timing, manner and methodology adopted by judges in summing up to juries (including the use of model or pattern instructions);

the ability of jurors to comprehend and apply the instructions given to them by a judge;

whether other assistance should be provided to jurors to supplement the oral summing up;

any other related matter. ​