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Reference received: 1 March 2013


Report 142: Parole​ [PDF, 4.04Mb]​, September 2015

Implementation: Justice Reforms announced 9 May 2017

Legislative action: Parole Legislation Amendment Act 2017 (NSW)

Scoping paper​

​​​​​Parole Scoping paper [PDF, 624Kb], July 2013​​ 


All of the submissions received for this reference can be accessed here.

​Question papers​

​​Terms of reference​

Refer to the Law Reform Commission an inquiry, pursuant to section 10 of the Law Reform Commission Act 1967, aimed at improving the system of parole in NSW.

Specifically, the Commission is to review the mechanisms and processes for considering and determining parole.

In undertaking this review the Commission should have regard to:

  • the desirability of providing for integration into the community following a sentence of imprisonment with adequate support and supervision
  • the need to provide for a process of fair, robust and independent decision-making, including consideration of the respective roles of the courts, State Parole Authority, Serious Offenders Review Council and the Commissioner for Corrective Services
  • the needs and interest of the community, victims, and offenders
  • any related matters the Commission considers appropriate.