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Preliminary submissions                

Preliminary submissions received in response to the terms of reference:

PSE01 Richard Parker (Received 24 September 2011

PSE02 Ian Temby QC (Received 30 September 2011)

PSE03 District Court (Received 11 October 2011​)

PSE04 NSW Bar Association (Received 12 October 2011)

PSE05 The Chief Magistrate of the Local Court (Received 21 October 2011​)

PSE06 Magistrate C Farnan (Received 19 October 2011)

PSE07 Homeless Persons' Legal Service (Received 27 October 2011)

PSE08 Law Society of NSW (Received 31 October 2011)

PSE09 Mental Health Coordinating Council (Received 31 October 2011)

PSE10 Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (Received 31 October 2011)

PSE11 Young Lawyers NSW (Received 31 October 2011)

PSE12 Crime and Justice Reform Committee (Received 31 October 2011)

PSE13 The Shopfront Youth Legal Centre (Received 31 October 2011)

PSE14 Intellectual Disability Rights Service (Received 31 October 2011)

PSE15 Jumbunna Indigenous House of Learning (Received 1 November 2011)

PSE16 David Shoebridge, MLC (Received 31 October 2011)

PSE17 Women in Prison Advocacy Network (Received 2 November 2011)

PSE18 Legal Aid NSW (Received 7 November 2011)

PSE19 Women's Advisory Council, Corrective Services NSW (Received 3 January 2012)

PSE20 Probation and Parole Officers' Association of New South Wales (Received January 2012)