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Sentencing - patterns and statistics 

As part of our sentencing project, we researched and analysed sentencing patterms in NSW over the past 15 years. We also researched the results of different sentence types (jn terms of reoffending), their use in other jurisdictions, and the use made of NSW diversion programs.

Our collected research was published in a companion Report 139-A Sentencing: Patterns and Statistics.

Download our sentencing datasheets

Below are links to a series of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets that cover topics we looked at in Report 139-A. Each sheet includes the relevant data and copies of our charts.

Cost of sentencing options (ch 2)

Crime rates and recidivism (ch 2)

Comparison of recidivism (ch 2)

Full-time imprisonment in NSW (ch 3)

Full-time imprisonment compared (ch 3)

Sentence lengths (ch 3)

Home detention (ch 4)

Intensive correction orders (ch 4)

Suspended sentences (ch 4)

Other custodial penalties (ch 4)

Community service orders (ch 5)

Section 9 bonds (ch 5)

Fines (ch 5)

Section 10 and 10A orders (ch 5)

Overview and balance of penalties (ch 6)

Women (ch 7)

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander offenders (ch 7)

Intervention and diversion programs (ch 8)

Juveniles (ch 9)

Non-association and place restriction orders (ch 9)