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Preliminary submissions

Below are some of the preliminary submissions we have received in response to our terms of reference. 

Preliminary submissions have now closed. We will advise further opportunities to make a submission on our project page and through our newsletter.

PCI02 Ben Fordham

PCI03 Debra Gibson

PCI04 Dawn Carr

PCI05 Cheryl Lee

PCI06 Gregory Wade

PCI07 Carolyn O'Loughlin

PCI09 Portable

PCI10 Howard Brown OAM

PCI11 University of Sydney Policy Reform Project

PCI12 Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions

PCI13 Australia’s Right to Know

PCI14 Professor Luke McNamara and Associate Professor Julia Quilter

PCI15 Office of the General Counsel, NSW Department of Communities and Justice

PCI16 Sex Workers Outreach Project

PCI17 Kate Jackson

PCI18 Michael Douglas

PCI19 Rachael Hannan

PCI20 Keely Duggan

PCI21 Chris and Mandy Burgess

PCI22 Lachlan Patey

PCI23 Mental Health Review Tribunal

PCI24 NSW Information Commissioner and NSW Privacy Commissioner

PCI25 UTS Faculty of Law

PCI26 Associate Professor Jane Johnston, Professor Patrick Keyzer, Professor Anne Wallace, and Professor Mark Pearson

PCI27 Banki Haddock Fiora

PCI28 National Association of People with HIV Australia and HIV AIDS Legal Centre

PCI29 NSW Council for Civil Liberties

PCI30 Women's Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Service NSW

PCI31 Law Society of NSW

PCI32 Victims of Crime Assistance League

PCI33 Public Defenders

PCI34 Paula Simmons

PCI35 knowmore

PCI36 Rape and Domestic Violence Services Australia

PCI37 NSW Young Lawyers Criminal Law Committee

PCI38 No to Violence

PCI39 Legal Aid NSW

PCI40 Local Court of NSW

PCI41 NSW Bar Association

PCI42 Domestic Violence NSW

PCI43 Workers Compensation Commission

PCI44 Law Students, University of Sydney Law School

PCI45 Australian Federal Police