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Preliminary submissions

This page contains some of the preliminary submissions we received in this review. However, 

  • we have not published every submission we received, and 
  • we have redacted parts of some of the submissions. 
For more information, please see our publication policy

We consider all submissions in full, even if we don't publish them or if we redact parts of them. 

Read some of the preliminary submissions we received: 


PRC03 B Snape


PRC05 J Enright

PRC06 A McCabe

PRC07 S Jeffrey

PRC08 D Baker

PRC09 T George

PRC12 D Heilpern

PRC36 R Zarb

PRC48 Transport for NSW 

PRC59 Law Society of NSW 

PRC63 Justice Support Centre 

PRC64 NSW Police Force

PRC69 Anonymous

PRC70 Australasian College of Road Safety 

PRC72 Road Trauma Support Group 

PRC73 Australian Federal Police 

PRC74 Youth Justice NSW 

PRC75 Children's Court of NSW

PRC77 Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions 

PRC78 Legal Aid NSW 

PRC80 RMIT Centre for Innovative Justice 

PRC81 G Proctor

PRC82 Local Court of NSW 

PRC83 NSW Bar Association 

PRC84 Victims of Crime Assistance League (Hunter) 

PRC85 F Gilroy

PRC87 Advocate for Children and Young People (NSW) 

PRC88 Aboriginal Legal Service (NSW/ACT) Limited