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Issues papers 

These Law Reform Commission publications are part of a collection dating back to 1966. Each publication deals with the law at the time it was first published and may not necessarily represent the current law. For advice concerning the current law please consult your legal practitioner.

​IP28Jury service ​
IP27Sentencing and juries ​2006


Uniform Succession Laws: Intestacy 


​IP25Expert witnesses ​2004
​IP24Minors' consent to medical treatment​2004
​IP23Community Justice Centres​2003


​Questioning of complainants by unrepresented acc​used in sexual assault trials​


​IP21Uniform Succession Laws: Recognition of interstate and foreign grants of probate and letters of administration​2002
​IP20Sentencing: Corporate offenders​2001


​Sentencing: Youn​g offenders​


​IP18Complaints against lawyers: Review of Part 10​2000


​Guaran​teeing Someone Else's Debts and Summary


IP16​Review of the Disability Services Act 1993 (NSW) and Summary​1998


​Review of the Community Services (Complaints, Appeals ​​and Monitoring) Act 1993 (NSW) and Summary​


​IP14Review of Section 409B of the Crimes Act 1990 (NSW)​1997


​Circulation of​ Legal Advice to Government​






​Unif​orm Succession Laws: Family Provision​


IP10Uniform Succession Laws: The Law of Wills1996


​Review of the Adoption of Children Act 1965 (NSW)​



​Peo​ple with an Intellectual Disability and the Criminal Justice System​



​Review of the ​Adoption Information Act 1990​



Torrens Title: Compensation for Loss​ 



​Sale o​​f Goods​


​IP04Community Law Reform Program: Proceedings of Courts and Commissions Television Filming, Sound Recording and Public Broadcasting, Sketches and Photographs​1984


​Criminal Procedure​​: General Introduction and Proceedings in Courts of Petty Sessions and Outline​


​IP02Accident Compensation and Outline​1982


​De Facto Relationship​​s and Summary ​