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Question papers    

The LRC uses question papers to inquire about a particular issue or point of law. Questions papers are generally shorter and more specific than consultation papers.

The Law Reform Commission publications listed here are part of a collection dating back to 1966. Each publication deals with the law at the time it was first published and may not necessarily represent the current law. For advice concerning the current law please consult your legal practitioner.


QP6 Guardianship (2017) Remaining issues [PDF, 860 Kb]

QP5 Guardianship (2017) Medical and dental treatment and restrictive practices [PDF, 839 Kb]

QP4 Guardianship (2017) Safeguards and procedures [PDF, 963 Kb]

QP3 Guardianship (2016) The role of guardians and financial managers [PDF,​ 779Kb]

QP2 Guardianship (2016) Decision making models [PDF,​ 775Kb]

QP1 Guardianship (2016) Preconditions for alternative decision-making arrangements [PDF, 577KB]


QP6 Parole (2013) Parole for young offenders [PDF, 394 Kb]

Q​P5 Pa​​role (2013) Breach and revocation [PDF, 293Kb]

QP4 Parole (2013) ​Reintegration into the community and management on parole [PDF, 473Kb]

​QP​3 Parole (2013) Discretionary parole decision making
[PDF, 712Kb]

Q​P2 Parole (2013) Membership of SPA and SORC
[PDF, 390Kb]

QP1 Parole (2013) Design and objectives of the parole system [PDF, 584Kb]

Criminal appeals 

Q​P1 ​Crimi​nal appeals (2013) ​Preliminary Issues
[PDF, 560Kb]

​People with cognitive and mental health impairments in the criminal justice system

QP​1 ​​Cognitive and ​​Mental Health (2013) AVOs


QP8-12 Sentencing (2012) Question papers 8-12

QP5-​​7 Sentencing (2012)Question papers 5-7

QP​1-4 Sentencing (2012) Question papers 1-4