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Reports: 1980 - 1989 

​R63Jurisdiction of Local Courts Over Foreign Land [PDF, 152Kb]​​​1988
​R62Informed Decisions About Medical Procedures [PDF, 162Kb]​1989
R61​Names: Registration and Certification of Births and Deaths [PDF, 228Kb]​1988


Artificial Conception: Surrogate Motherhood [PDF, 186Kb]


​R59Dividing Fences [PDF, 252Kb]​​1988
​R58Artificial Conception: In Vitro Fertilization [PDF, 342Kb] and Outline [PDF, 38Kb]​1988
​R57Representation As To Credit [PDF, 96Kb]​1988
​R56Evidence [PDF, 342Kb]​1988


Liability of Highway Authorities for Non-Repair [PDF, 218Kb]


​R54Disposal of Uncollected Goods [PDF, 85Kb]​1988
​R53Restitution of Benefits Conferred Under Mistake of Law [PDF, 237Kb]​1987


Liability for Injuries Caused by Dogs [PDF, 223Kb]


​R51​Sale of Goods [PDF, 1.95Mb]​1987


Limitation of Actions for Personal Injury Claims [PDF, 264Kb]


​R49Artificial Conception: Human Artificial Insemination [PDF, 438Kb]​1986
​R48Criminal Procedure: The Jury in a Criminal Trial [PDF, 679Kb]1986
​R47Wills - Execution and Revocation [PDF, 519Kb]1986


Attachment of Moneys Deposited With Building Societies and Credit Unions [PDF, 443Kb]


​R45Criminal Procedure: Unsworn Statements of Accused Persons [PDF, 420Kb]1985


Fourth Report on the Legal Profession: Solicitors' Trust Accounts [PDF, 1Mb] and Outline [PDF, 84Kb]


​R43Accident Compensation: A Transport Accidents Scheme for New South Wales [PDF, 2Mb] and Outline [102Kb]​1984
R42​Conscientious Objection to Jury Service [PDF, 143Kb]1984


Accident Compensation Interim Report: Workers' Compensation (Amendment) Bill 1982 and Cognate Bills [PDF, 196Kb]



Passing of Risk Between Vendor and Purchaser of Land [PDF, 227]


​R39Sound Recording of Proceedings of Courts and Commissions: The Media, Authors and Parties [PDF, 346Kb]​1984


The Magistracy - Interim Report: First Appointments As Magistrates Under Local Courts Act, 1982 [PDF, 296Kb]


​R37Service of Civil Process on Sunday [PDF, 134kb]​1983


De Facto Relationships [PDF, 1Mb] and Outline [PDF, 63Kb]


​R35Interest on Certain Debts [PDF, 143Kb]1983


Insurance Contracts: Non-Disclosure and Misrepresentation [PDF, 175Kb]


​R33Third Report on the Legal Profession: Advertising and Specialisation [PDF, 451Kb] and Outline [PDF, 87Kb]1982


Second Report on the Legal Profession: Complaints, Discipline and Professional Standards [PDF, 345Kb] and Outline [PDF, 65Kb]​​


​R31First Report on the Legal Profession: General Regulation and Structure [PDF, 743Kb] and Outline [PDF, 107Kb]​1982


Incorporation of Associa​tions [PDF, 365Kb]