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Reports: 1990 - 1999             

​R93Review of Section 316 of the Crimes Act 1900 (NSW) [PDF, 198Kb]​​​​​1999
R92Review of the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 (NSW) [PDF, 2Mb]


Review of the Disability Services Act 1993 (NSW) [PDF, 556] and Summary [PDF, 24Kb]


​R90Review of the Community Services (Complaints, Appeals and Monitoring) Act 1993 (NSW) [PDF, 101Kb]and Summary [PDF, 20Kb]1999
​R89Contribution Between Persons Liable for the Same Damage [PDF, 442Kb]1999
​R88Neighbour and Neighbour Relations [PDF, 191Kb]​1998
​R87Review of Section 409B of the Crimes Act 1900 (NSW) [PDF, 588Kb]1998
R86Circulation of Legal Advice to Government [PDF, 169Kb]1998
​R85Uniform Succession Laws: The Law of Wills [PDF, 544Kb]1998


The Right to Support from Adjoining Land [PDF, 272Kb]


​R83Partial Defences to Murder - Provocation and Infanticide [PDF, 480Kb]1997
​R82Partial Defences to Murder - Diminished Responsibility​1997
​R81Review of the Adoption of Children Act 1965 (NSW) [PDF, 1Mb]1997
​R80People with an Intellectual Disability and the Criminal Justice System [PDF, 1Mb]1996


​​Sentencing [PDF, 1Mb]


​R78Provisional Damages [PDF, 199Kb]​1996
​R77Directed Verdicts of Acquittal [PDF, 56Kb]​1996
R76​Torrens Title: Compensation for Loss [PDF, 286Kb]​1996 
​R75Defamation [PDF, 718Kb]​1995 


Blasphemy [PDF, 192Kb]


​R73Unilateral Severance of a Joint Tenancy [PDF, 235Kb]1994
R72​Barristers' Practising Certificates [PDF, 123Kb]1994
R71Right of Access to Neighbouring Land [PDF, 156Kb]1994
​R70Scrutiny of the Legal Profession: Complaints Against Lawyers [PDF, 787Kb]1993
​R69Review of the Adoption Information Act 1990 [PDF, 964Kb] and Summary [PDF, 92Kb]1992
​R68Wills for Persons Lacking Will-making Capacity [PDF, 96Kb]1992
​R67Training and Accreditation of Mediators [PDF, 341Kb]1991
​R66Criminal Procedure: Police Powers of Detention and Investigation After Arrest [PDF, 580Kb]1990
​R65Contribution Among Wrongdoers: Interim Report [PDF, 85Kb]1990


Damages for Vendor's Inability to Convey Good Title: The Rule in Bain v Fothergill [PDF, 140Kb]