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During the course of a reference or at the completion of a reference, the LRC transmits a report to the Attorney General. The report is generally then tabled in Parliament and publically released. You can access reports using the date or the report number through the left navigation of this site.

As at July 2022, the LRC had transmitted 149 reports to the Attorney General.

The Law Reform Commission publications listed here are part of a collection dating back to 1966. Each publication deals with the law at the time it was first published and may not necessarily represent the current law. For advice concerning the current law please consult your legal practitioner.

149 (2022) Open Justice: Court and tribunal information: access, disclosure and publication

148 (2020) Consent in relation to sexual offences

147 (2019) Access to digital records upon death or incapacity [PDF, 1,315Kb]

146 (2018) Dispute resolution [PDF, 674Kb]

145 (2018) Review of the Guardianship Act 1987 [PDF, 2,647Kb]

144 (2018) Laws relating to beneficiaries of trusts [PDF, 691Kb]

143 (2016) Third party claims on insurance proceeds [PDF, 981Kb]

142 (2015) Parole [PDF, 4.4Mb]

141 (2014) ​Encouraging appropriate early guilty pleas [PDF, 3.3 Mb]

140 (2014) Criminal appeals [PDF, 2Mb]

139 (2013) Sentencing [PDF, 1.9Mb]

139A ​Sentencing - Patterns and Statistics (Companion Report) [PDF, 1.7Mb]

138 (2013) ​People with cognitive and mental health impairments in the criminal justice systemCriminal responsibility and consequences [PDF, 2.3Mb]

137 (2013) Security for costs and associated cost orders [PDF, 876Kb]

136 (2013) ​Jury directions in criminal trials [PDF, 1.14Mb] 

135 (2012) ​People with cognitive and mental health impairments in the criminal justice system: Diversion [PDF, 2Mb]

134 (2012) Standard minimum non-parole periods [PDF, 668kb]

133 (2012) Bail [PDF, 1Mb]

132 (2012) ​Penalty notices [PDF, 2Mb] and Summary [PDF, 2Mb]

131 (2011) ​Compensation to relatives [PDF, 791Kb]

130 (2011) Cheating at gambling [PDF, 2Mb]

129 (2010) Complicity [PDF, 1Mb]

128 (2010) Family violence - A National Response [PDF, 18Mb]

127 (2010) ​Protecting privacy in New South Wales [PDF, 1Mb]

126 (2010) ​Access to personal information [PDF, 852Kb]

125 (2009) The Offices of the Information and Privacy Commissioners [PDF, 554Kb]

124 (2009) Uniform Succession Laws: Administration of Estates of Deceased Persons [PDF, 1Mb]

123 (2009) Privacy principles [PDF, 992Kb]

122 (2009) Workplace deaths [PDF, 368Kb]

121 (2009) Emergency medical care and the restricted right to practise [PDF, 284Kb]

120 (2009) Invasion of privacy [PDF, 673Kb]

119 (2008) Young people and consent to health care [PDF, 120]

118 (2007) Role of juries in sentencing [PDF, 363Kb]

117 (2007) Jury selection [PDF, 1Mb]

116 (2006) Uniform Succession Laws: Intestacy [PDF, 1Mb]

115 (2007) Disputes in company title home units [PDF, 157Kb]

114 (2006) Blind or deaf jurors [PDF, 328]

113 (2006) Relationships [PDF, 2Mb]

112 (2005) Uniform Evidence Law [PDF, 4.74Mb]

111 (2005) Majority verdicts [PDF, 389]

110 (2005) Uniform Succession Laws: Family Provision [PDF, 330Kb]

109 (2005) Expert witnesses [PDF, 1Mb]

108 (2005) Surveillance: Final Report [PDF, 506Kb]

107 (2006) Guaranteeing someone else's debts [PDF, 1Mb]

106 (2005) Community Justice Centres [PDF, 833Kb]

105 (2004) Time limits on loans payable on demand [PDF, 1Mb]

104 (2005) Young offenders [PDF, 1Mb]

103 (2003) Apprehended violence orders [PDF, 1Mb]

102 (2003) Sentencing: corporate offenders [PDF, 1Mb]

101 (2003) Questioning of complainants by unrepresented accused in sexual offence trials [PDF, 1.45Mb]

100 (2003) Contempt by publication [PDF, 1Mb]

99 (2001) Complaints against lawyers: an interim report [PDF, 699]

98 (2001) Surveillance: an interim report [PDF, 1Mb]

97 (2001) The Rule in Pigot's Case [PDF, 289Kb]

96 (2000) Sentencing: Aboriginal offenders [PDF, 942Kb]

95 (2000) The Right to Silence [PDF, 636Kb]

94 (2000) Set-off [PDF, 215Kb]

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