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The Commission reviews the law in NSW, and makes recommendations for change to the Attorney General. More about the Law Reform Commission.

Encouraging early appropriate guilty pleas Report 141 transmitted

The final report on encouraging early appropriate guilty pleas was transmitted to the Attorney General on 17 December 2014. The report will now be considered by government, and, after this period of consideration, will be tabled in Parliament.

Annual Report 2013-14

Our latest annual report has been tabled.  It covers our activity last year.

Criminal appeals: release of Report 140

The final report in our criminal appeals reference was tabled by the Attorney General in Parliament on 18 June 2014.  

Alternative dispute resolution: consultation paper released

The first publication for our ADR reference has been published. The Consultation Paper provides an overview of the statutory provisions for dispute resolution and asks what provisions are appropriate in the variety of contexts which the existing provisions cover.

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Criminal appeals: final report published

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